White Mountain Wheels

White Mountain Wheels - Custom Built Bicycle Wheels

Hi, my name is Ron Ruff and I'm the owner, builder, and sole employee at White Mountain Wheels. You can buy custom wheels from me, made from a variety of top quality components. Some that I use most commonly are:

My wheels are of the highest quality, with attention to detail that is unsurpassed... and at a price that is competitive and often lower than comparable factory wheels. I was previously an engineer, so I'm interested in the science of wheels and bikes in general. I've studied and analyzed wheels for several years, and tried to optimize the design as well as the procedure and materials for building them. My goal with every set of wheels is to have no break-in period required, no spoke breakages, and little if any truing needed for the life of the rim.

I don't cut any corners. Non-eyeleted rims are lightly chamfered and deburred at the nipple seat. Spokes are formed and aligned to take the shortest path to the rim. I use a special compound to lubricate the threads, which is formulated to prevent corrosion between stainless steel and aluminum (works on brass, too). Spokes are drawn up to uniform and high tensions; as high as the rim specification allows in most cases, while stress-relieving several times to ensure a long fatigue life. In the final stages the wheel is brought to near perfect radial and lateral trueness.

I believe in the golden rule. I treat the customer the way I would like to be treated. If you ever have an issue with my wheels, please contact me and I will swiftly resolve it to your satisfaction.