White Mountain Wheels

How to Order

Note: A backlog of 6-8 weeks is typical. If you need wheels quicker than that you can inquire but please let me know up front.

Some people know exactly what they want in a set of wheels, but most have only a general idea. It's helpful for both of us if you include as much pertinent information as you can when you email me. The list below is an example of questions that I ask people a lot:

1) What do you want these wheels to do? Road racing (hills or flat), crits, time trials, general riding (no races), loaded touring, etc. Do you value durability more or light weight?

2) What is your budget? Custom wheels like mine generally start to look like a good deal when we get around the $600-$700 range and above. For that you can have an aluminum rimmed set using top quality components (like White Industries hubs, and Sapim CX-Ray spokes), that handily beats factory wheels on weight, aerodynamics, and price. But unfortunately I just can't compete at prices that are much lower than this.

3) How much do you weigh, and what has your experience been with the durability of other wheels? Weight is an important factor, but riding style matters a lot as well.

4) Campy or Shimano/Sram? Maybe not so important right away, but I certainly need to know this before ordering! If you are riding Shimano/Sram the White Industries hubs have a Ti freehub which is nice... doesn't get gouged up or crack like aluminum tends to do after awhile. Their Campy version is also Ti though, which adds ~15g. Other hubs vary only a few grams between the two and use an aluminum freehub body for both.

5) Do you have color preferences? Rim and hub colors vary depending on the manufacturer, spokes can be black or silver (no fancy colors for now), and aluminum nipples can be had in just about any color with a durable anodized finish. Brass nipples are silver... the black ones tend to scratch easily, so I don't use them much anymore.

Hubs... Black is the most widely available hub color. White Industries and Alchemy hubs are available in bright polished silver (unanodized... ie they can corrode in marine environments unless you keep them protected) and black. Alchemy hubs are also available in red. C-4 hubs can be had in black and silver anodized. The new Chris King R-45 road hubs come in a million colors like you'd expect.

Rims... Black is the most widely available, but XR270 and XR300 Kinlin rims are now available in various colors. Fair Wheel Bikeshop is the distributor that carries the colored rims and you can check their stock here.

Nipples... brass nipples are stronger more resistant to galvanic corrosion than aluminum. I use a marine anti-seize compound on the threads though, which is formulated to prevent corrosion between aluminum and stainless steel... so I wouldn't worry about that unless you live in an especially corrosive environment. Brass nipples weigh about 3 times as much (about 2/3 gram more each) compared to aluminum. The biggest drawback to brass though, is that silver is the only good color choice.

If you are interested in ordering, please send me an email at the link below... with as much info as you care to give. I check it and answer emails daily (at least). I'm not showing a phone number here because I hate answering the phone when I'm working... or playing for that matter. But if you'd like to talk on the phone, leave your number and a time when you'll be available, and I'll give you a call.